Jillian Lavender and Michael Miller are the founders of New York Meditation Center and London Meditation Centre. They split their time between the two cities, teaching Vedic Meditation full-time.

Michael Miller


I first tried meditation at college in 1988. I found it fascinating, and continued to explore meditation, yoga, martial arts, and alternative therapies (alongside a career in business) for more than a decade.

In 2003 I was living in LA, managing the creative department of an entertainment magazine. It was exciting work, but I was starting to feel the impact of working (and playing!) hard.

Then a friend learned Vedic Meditation. I saw big changes in just a few weeks, so decided to try as well. Immediately I was less stressed, getting more done, and sleeping better. The benefits were so clear, I never went back!

After about a year, I had a conversation with my teacher (world-renowned expert Thom Knoles). He suggested that I become a teacher myself. That led to another two years of study and several extended trips to India. In July of 2007, I undertook a three-month residential training program and began a full-time teaching career. In early 2008, Jillian and I founded London Meditation Centre and New York Meditation Center.

Since then I’ve spoken to more than 6,000 people about meditation, stress, creativity, neuroscience and peak performance. I’ve presented to tech companies, non-profits, law enforcement and businesses. And I’ve taught thousands of people to be self-sufficient meditators and get the same benefits that inspired me.


Jillian Lavender



When I learned to meditate in 1995 I had no idea I would end up as a full-time meditation teacher. At the time I was walking right up to the line of major burnout. Living in Australia, setting up a publishing company, spending my life on a plane. I felt tired and stressed.

On the recommendation of a friend I took the course and things changed for me in a big way. My life was still full-on — but I could handle it. I wasn’t exhausted. I felt the anxiety melt away. I was better at my job and I was nicer to be around. And I knew it was meditation that was making the difference.

Fast-forward five years and (after a stint in Paris) I was living in London and looking for a change. I quit my big CEO job and travelled for a year. Then I took up the invitation of my teacher, Thom Knoles, to train with him one-on-one in the U.S. and India. In 2003 I graduated and came back to London to start teaching.

In 2005 Michael and I met in India on a retreat and after some long-distance back and forth he moved from LA to London. We live together, teach together and have a daughter so we are partners in every sense.

India is special for us and we’re there at least once a year to teach and study. I feel grateful to be able to teach Vedic Meditation. Helping people be their best has always been the thing that motivates me. In my experience meditation is the tool that has the power to transform. I love seeing that process play out with our students.


Rick Little

After learning Vedic Meditation from Michael Miller in 2010, the practice immediately became an integral part of my life.

I’ve been an avid practitioner of vinyasa yoga for years and, after learning Vedic Meditation, I discovered that the mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits I receive via my asana practice are available to me every time I meditate, without the need to spend an hour to 90 minutes on the mat.

The fast-paced and demanding life working as a senior executive in New York City was beginning to take its toll, and I was excited to have found a practice that helps me feel more energized, creative, and fulfilled in everything I do. (I still love my physical yoga practice and find that it’s a perfect complement to Vedic Meditation.)

Two years after learning Vedic Meditation, I was inspired to start the process of becoming a teacher, in order to share this practice and its life-changing benefits with those around me. My training involved extensive study, several trips to India, and culminated with three months of training with Thom Knoles and other senior teachers in the Himalayan foothills of northern India.

I now teach full-time in New York City, and travel domestically and internationally to teach from time to time, and I love helping students begin their journeys on this transformational path.

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