Once you’ve  learned Vedic Meditation you get free ongoing support. There are lots of ways to stay connected. And you can learn more advanced knowledge.

Group Meditations

    When you learn Vedic Meditation, you have unlimited free access to our group meditations. Touch base regularly to stay on track. Ask questions, gain perspective and get inspired. If you learned from us (or anyone else), these free sessions are for you. Contact us for the address

    Advanced Techniques



      Are you ready for more and want to take things up a gear?

      If you’ve been meditating regularly for twelve months it may be time to learn an Advanced Technique. In this two-day course, you’ll learn an elaboration to your mantra and refinements to your practice.

      These simple shifts awaken the senses to a whole new level and lead to deeper and more profound experiences. Contact us

      Residential Retreats

      Weekend Meditation RETREAT

      Next dates TBA

      Make time for a few days of deep rest and purification. These weekends are extremely popular and sell out quickly. This is one of the best ways to fast-track your development. One weekend retreat can deliver the benefits of three–six months of regular meditation. More information


      Experiencing the Veda in India

      March 2018

      Ancient temples. Swimming in the Ganges. Enlightened masters. Stunning landscapes. Deep meditations. Crowded train stations. Bustling villages. New friendships. Delicious chai. Friendly cows. Fascinating knowledge. Profound silence. Come to the source of the tradition.
      More information

      Special Courses and Workshops

      Exploring the Veda

      2016–2017 series

        If you’ve noticed how meditation is changing your life and you’re ready for a major upgrade, this course is for you. Exploring the Veda is a six-part series like no other. It takes the ancient knowledge of India and applies it to modern life. Illuminating and transformational. The full course is six long weekends spread over 12–18 months.
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        Rounding WORKSHOP

        Next dates TBA

        Rounding is a simple series of yoga asanas and pranayama breathing that greatly accelerate the benefits of your meditation. The 90-minute Rounding Workshop is offered several times a year and is also available privately.
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        Mastering the Siddhis

          A siddhi is an extraordinary human capability that allows you to interact with the world in the most powerful and effective way. Our teacher Thom Knoles recorded Mastering the Siddhis based on the Indian classic, The Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali. This six-episode course teaches you how to use the sutras to develop your consciousness to its supreme state. This course is exclusively for advanced Vedic meditators. Attendance by application.
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          Initiator Training

          12th January – 12th April 2017

          We are very excited to be leading a Teacher Training Course in India along with our colleagues, Jeff Kober and Light Watkins. To learn more, go to



          Group Refresher Sessions

          Next date TBA

          These sessions are perfect if you are in need of a re-boot. Maybe you haven’t meditated for a while or you are not sure you’re doing it right? Come along to a free refresher to ask questions, go over the basics and meditate in a group.

          Private Consultations

          One-on-One Meditation Refresher

          If you’ve learned to meditate but have gone off track, we can connect one-on-one and get you back on the program. We’ll get specific about your meditation challenges and come up with tailored solutions.
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          Private Mentoring

          Sometimes there’s stuff you want to talk about privately. In these sessions we can cover anything: health, relationships, diet, work, life purpose. Our goal is to get you in a position to take action and be your best self.
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          Special Techniques

          If you’re dealing with bigger issues — addiction, depression, anxiety or body dysmorphia — special techniques can help. You learn these one-on-one and add them to your daily meditation.
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          Pregnancy workshop

          Expecting? Jillian will talk you through changes around your meditation, diet and daily routine. These simple, profound shifts will make you and your baby healthier and stronger.
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