Less anxious, more centered

The hesitation to take the leap into practicing meditation lasted for many years. For over a decade, I explored the benefits, read books on the topic and even witnessed close friends reveal life-changing results. However, I remained “too busy” to find time to incorporate meditating in my life and struggled to keep up with the demands of my busy schedule of work and family, while finding a balance of happiness. It was time to change and meditation helped in ways I never knew were possible. Taking the introduction class at the New York Meditation Center was great and Michael was an amazing teacher. He helped make my transition into the unknown easy. Before I knew it, I was answering questions in my life I had put off for years, feeling less anxious and more centered in general, all the while with a smile on my face and an overall sense of calm. The answers to happiness have always been within, I just needed to be still enough to listen. Thank you!

Lisa, Psychotherapist

Turn down the noise

We can easily get caught up, even totally lost in the myriad of daily activities, demands, rituals and frustrations we encounter.  I like most others, found it difficult to turn down this noise.  Then I met Michael Miller.  His clear and inspirational teaching of Vedic Meditation offered me a doorway of opportunity to briefly enter a world of peaceful introspection with a delicious taste of harmony.  The art of clearing your mind is powerful.  It sounds crazy I know.  I was initially very skeptical myself.  But trust me, I immediately discovered that the results of investing in two daily 20-minute meditation sessions reaps incredible rewards.  Those quiet moments begin to elusively influence your daily life.  And it even gets better as I continue to meditate!  I am so grateful that Michael taught me how to control the volume on the noise of life.

Randy, Retired

Easier to let troublesome thoughts go

I took the course in 2009 during the economic collapse. An old friend suggested I take the course to better deal with stress/worrying. It utterly changed my life. I still meditate daily and don’t know how I managed before without it. The biggest and most immediate result I found was a feeling of deeper physical and mental rest. A clearing of the mind and a peaceful feeling also quickly emerged. I found the teacher, Michael, to be warm, intelligent and very inspiring. Everything was explained in an easy-to-follow manner in a safe environment. As the years go by I notice it’s easier and easier to let troublesome thoughts go and just “Be”. Senses are heightened; I notice especially hearing and smelling more clearly. I still look forward to my “20 minutes” every morning and am very grateful the course found its way into my life.

Angie, Marketing Director

Grounds me like nothing else

I had heard about Michael’s class for years and had always wanted to take it.  There came a time in my life where I said enough of the someday and signed up with my boyfriend to attend the weekend training.  It has ended up being one of the most beneficial things I have ever done for myself.  I had practiced many different styles of meditation.  This one really hit home for me. The stillness that it creates is remarkable. I find that this form of meditation helps ground me in my life in a way that nothing else does.  My daily ritual of meditation clears my mind to allow most of the chaos and drama in my life to wash over me so I am able to detach and not be overwhelmed by much. I also found my energy level increased tremendously. Meditation is the tool I use each day that helps me deal with life’s challenges in a much more positive and calm way. I have to think back to my way of being before I took this course and how much my life has shifted. I take this way of being for granted as my new norm. I would highly recommend this meditation.

Lizabeth, Property

Meditation helped me get pregnant

When I learned to meditate, I was in a bad place. I had been trying to get pregnant for 2.5 years with no luck. I was depressed and very irritable. The process was miraculous. We all (in our class) were coming back to report laughing more and feeling lighter. I was so happy and thought maybe it’s okay if I don’t get pregnant. Do I have to tell you what came next? About two months after I learned to meditate, I found I was pregnant. And when my daughter was 9 months old, I found I was pregnant again. I know it sounds crazy, but this is my actual story. I am so grateful to Michael and will never forget.

Susanna, Photographer

Like a light was switched on

First let me say, RUN don’t walk to a class with Michael or Jillian.

I often think back to the weekend course that I took with Michael almost like it was a dream. It was the day that suddenly everything FELT and LOOKED different. Almost like a light had been switched on. My heart automatically opened and my mind automatically calmed down and suddenly it felt like the path between the two was ignited. My wish is for everyone and anyone to have this opportunity.

Jen, Casting Director

It brought me back to me

I have been trying to think of how to verbalize how much meditation has meant to me.  Does “I <3 meditation” do it?

Anyway, when I took the course I was dealing with a lot of anxiety triggered by stress that I had never had before.  Over the past 10 months I cannot remember any major “aha” moment for me while meditating but I have definitely seen major changes in myself and those around me have noticed as well.  I am not completely stress free but I am so much better at handling it now and that has greatly reduced my anxiety.  I think often about the exponential effects of Vedic Meditation that we talked about during the course and I cannot wait to see what the next days, months and years will bring.  I sometimes feel like it saved my life – in that it brought me back to me and it was the exactly right thing for me right when I needed it.  I feel like I can’t say enough good things about it.  Again, I <3 meditating!  It’s my thing.  It’s my space!

Zooey, Client Sevice

Positive impact on my health

Jillian and Michael are inspirational teachers, profoundly knowledgeable and kind.

Learning to meditate with Michael has changed my life, not only having a positive impact on my health, but in small ways altering my awareness and approach so that I find myself guided in the right direction without having to try. I think meditation has made me able to explore my own potential, to follow my own path and to be more conscious of others as I do so.

Johanna, Violinist and Writer

Meditation transformed my life

Just a few hours spent learning to meditate over a long weekend, has proven to be some of the most valuable time I’ve ever spent. Meditation has transformed my life; my relationships, the way I live, how I see things. It’s provided me with the inner strength to embrace the most challenging situations and to emerge as a stronger, better person.

It’s not magic (although the effects can seem magical early on), but an ancient discipline that helps you to de-stress, prioritise, and focus, (aside from the abundant evidence for the medical benefits of meditation and increasing media coverage of it.)

Why do it? Go to one of Michael and Jillian’s introductory talks like I did and you’ll be hooked. Both are inspirational and experienced teachers and shining exponents of the benefits, added to which they can answer the many questions which inevitably arise. Support is also on-going in the form of Monday night group meditations, which is a useful forum for information exchange.

I’ve meditated twice a day for 20 minutes each time, since I was taught; for me it’s as indispensable a part of my daily routine as brushing my teeth and I can’t imagine not doing it. It makes me feel generally vibrant, positive, connected and peaceful.

Carys, Retired

Feel like a different person

I was skeptical about meditation when I first heard about it – I had always imagined it as a practice reserved for people more ‘spiritual’ than me, but Jillian and Michael immediately put my fears to rest and explained it as a very practical and effortless thing to do every day, which anyone could easily learn to improve both their emotional and physical well being, with immediate effect. I found both Jillian and Michael extremely thorough in their teaching and felt I could rely on them if I needed to ask questions in between seeing them for classes/courses.

I felt the effects quicker than I even could have hoped, and found myself on a much more even keel after only a few days of meditation. For the first time in my life I felt like I’d been given a tool which I could use without help from anyone, and which day-by-day made me feel increasingly less neurotic, less frenetic and altogether much more able to deal with the demands of life. After two and a half years of meditation (and having never before stuck to anything – yoga etc etc), I genuinely can say I feel like a different person to my pre-meditation self, and though the every day benefits are now more subtle, I feel so much calmer in general, and I only have to miss a couple of meditations to remember what life was like before. I won’t be going back there! And have also found the additional courses, like the rounding retreat, a great help in deepening my knowledge and understanding of the practice.

Scarlett, Gallery Manager