Present Moment Awareness

Present moment awareness is the gift of a stress-free nervous system.

Frictionless activity

Activity that is charming will be frictionless even if it involves a lot of effort.

Gold Dust

As you step into the New Year, look for the unknown. This is where the gold dust of opportunity and progress resides.

The Neediness of Others

As your consciousness expands, the impetus for action is less about fulfillment of your neediness and more about the fulfillment of the neediness of others.

Nature’s Business

Whatever happens in meditation is not your business. It is nature’s business. Let the natural flow of evolution guide you.

A Reciprocal Universe

We live in a reciprocal universe. Whatever and whomever you put your attention on responds to you.

The World

The world is for us as we are for it.


Ganesha is expressive of that aspect of nature that supports the removal of obstacles.

This is a particularly auspicious time to put attention on areas that may be causing some friction and delay.

It’s a good time to shake up the status quo and make space for something new.


Why do we find boundaries so fascinating?

Boundaries represent change.

Out of change comes opportunity.

Opportunity leads to progress.

An Indication

For the wise, merely an indication is enough.